Venue Staffing
Customized for your specific needs!
"Ubeya provides a fully functioning platform that other apps nickel and dime you for. It's customizable and a perfect fit for our business." Weston
How Ubeya helps venues?

Unlimited staff support

Size doesn’t matter. Your entire staff team, big or small, is organized in one database.

Customized pricing

Our price is designed to fit your business. Your account can have thousands of staff - you only pay for those who actually worked.

Multiple events a day

There’s no such thing as too many events. All your events are arranged in one organized location.

Engaged staff

Boost employee engagement and benefit from less employee turnover, less recruitment, and less expenses.

Easily create payroll

Generate a full payroll report per event or client with the click of a button.

Multiple locations

Easily manage events in different locations from one, centralized place. No hardware needed.

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