Our Mission
Making team management
easier than ever.
We created Ubeya as a simple solution to the most complicated problem in temporary employment - MANAGEMENT.
Businesses are getting caught up in the tedious paperwork, never-ending phone calls and text messages, time consuming Excel spreadsheets, and losing time and money on scheduling shifts, calculating payroll reports and looking for staff that is reliable and available.
Did that quicken your heartbeat like it did ours? This is why we founded Ubeya in 2015. Ubeya has since catered to and has improved hundreds of business operations around the world. We believe that the transformation of technology, combined with our tools and industry insights, provides the essential solutions for many of the obstacles faced in managing staff today - and makes your work a lot easier.
Why Ubeya?
Our company’s name stems from the Japanese word for “war room”, where it today refers to a form of management used to improve productivity, communication, save money, and overcome technical and scheduling issues. At the managerial level, it is a tool used to improve client engagement and team spirit. Here at Ubeya, we’ve isolated these benefits and packaged them all into one, simple platform to help your business run more efficiently.
Omri Dekalo
Co-founder, CEO
Omri is a creative problem-solver and strategist. He has worked as a software engineer and CPA, held different tech roles in the startup industry and worked as business development at Palantir before founding Ubeya.
Yuval Weinbaum
Co-founder, CTO
Yuval can solve almost any problem through technology. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Yuval worked as a software engineer and team leader in the tech industry and was a product manager at Google before founding Ubeya.
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